Víctor Sánchez: "You can not fool people"

Victor Sanchez has spoken clearly this Thursday, in the press conference prior to Sunday's duel in San Mamés, against Athletic, with which Espanyol will close the Santander League. The midfielder tackled all the themes of burning white and blue current affairs and he did it as always,  without going off on a tangent . Regarding the aspirations of the club, Víctor Sánchez added to the message that his former coach, Quique Sánchez, reiterated throughout the course: "People are deluded by speaking clearly,  you can not cheat or sell a project that is another , I do not say that it was done, people can understand it or stop being from Espanyol, but that will not happen because it is inside. "

The midfielder revealed that the squad has always been cautious about the ambitious projects of the club: " From inside the dressing room we were not clear that we would change Europe and the Champions League, we know what football is like and nobody changes everything in a couple of years, there are things that have been done wrong, but we are better than years ago. " In this regard, he added: " We all dream of a Espanyol that does not need to sell , but we did not have it, but now, because of some issue that has not been done well, we have to make a strong block and return to put our people in the field. " Víctor Sánchez also addressed  the cases of Pau López  and Gerard Moreno: "I want to have my people by my side and they are people who contribute and contribute a lot in the field." Pau has confirmed that he is leaving and it is a pity for us. footballer who deserves to continue growing,  with Gerard, we will not know for a while.Follow your successful betshoot predictions.

The midfielder was sympathetic to  Pau's decision , because he also had a difficult renewal negotiation: "I know his version and we know the decision he has made, but I am nobody to share opinions."  In my case, there was a moment where I thought that had not been valued me . in the end, when I spoke maybe I was wrong ways, but I understood what was behind. " Regarding the closing of the League, he considered that a win at San Mamés "gives us life at the club and image level,  now we all say why this ends ...The season is bad, but when we see the classification and we are tenth with 49 points, if we win, we will have made a dignified end. "

WITHOUT A JURY OR SERGIO SANCHEZ Espanyol will close the championship in San Mamés without the assistance of  José Manuel Jurado and Sergio Sánchez , suffering from physical discomforts. The midfielder suffers a lesion in the  anterior rectum of the quadriceps of the left leg  and this Friday will undergo a medical examination to determine the exact extent of the problem and the recovery time. The defender could not finish the training because of a  sprain in the internal collateral ligament of the right knee . The center will be ten days off.